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Otto Baum Company
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Safety, Quality and Productivity

Experience teaches that safe projects are ultimately more productive and cost-effective. Our proactive approach helps assure the safest possible construction in concrete, masonry, restoration, earthwork and site/civil projects.

How our safety culture measures up*

0.67EMR rating
1.51DART rate
4.02TRR rate
* EMR rating effective 3/1/2017. Other ratings effective 12/31/2016.
EMR History Graph
TRR, DART History Graph

ZERO incidents/accidents is our goal.

SafetyWe believe in our people who perform the work. Nothing is more important than providing a safe and healthful working environment. In carrying out this safety policy it is clear the only acceptable level of performance is to be “Incident Free” on all of our worksites each and every day. We believe that such performance goals are achievable with full commitment and diligent effort by each and every Otto Baum Company employee.

Building blocks of our safety program include:

  • Executive management commitment
  • Pre-job safety planning
  • OSHA 10-hour and 30-hour Trained Personnel
  • Incident Recording/Tracking System
  • Weekly On-Site Safety Training Meetings (TBT)
  • Weekly Documented Job Site Inspections
  • Safety Recognition Programs
  • Industry Awards and Recognition for our Safety Program
  • Daily Safety Task Analysis (STA) Policy
  • Pre-Employment, post-accident, reasonable cause Substance abuse screening program
  • Monthly Risk Management meetings
  • Light duty policy
  • Mobile phone policy
  • Fleet vehicle policy