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Customer Comments…

“I have been working around your masons for awhile now and they have always been very friendly and done great work. With that being said I have never had the opportunity to work directly with them until recently I have been running a crew that is working directly with them and I want to say what a top notch group of guys. Bruce has been incredible so willing to help with any part of the job and the foreman Mark and his crew are so are very talented and very professional people and the safety officer Rich was very informative and very willing to help solve issues. I have been running a commercial concrete crew for the last 15 years, and I have honestly never came across a better group of professionals. What an incredible group of individuals your company has given our market. I was reluctant to send this message probably because I don't know if it was the right thing to do, but I believe that it is worth it because I have never had an opportunity to work with such a great group of men.”— Josh Chumbley

St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church Masonry Repair

“I wanted to take time to thank all your staff and especially Dan Bagley for the quality work and project management performed to restore our Church structure. Dan always provided real time communications that gave me confidence that he cared about the project and details. The team that Dan assembled were all very professional and the craftsmanship was evident. They all took great pride in the work performed. All the staff on-site were courteous and kept a clean work site that was important for us as we continued services in the church during the reconstruction. When there were small adjustments needed there was always a positive attitude to accommodate the details. The final product ended up to of such quality that unless we tell the story, no one would be able to notice that the building was compromised.”

“Please extend our church membership thanks to all the staff and subcontractors staff that worked on the project. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to others in need of a dependable company that provides quality work.” — Robert C. Kohlhase, Principal of Farnsworth Group, Inc.

Washington University Masonry Repair

“Otto Baum stepped in and helped provide creative and effective solutions for our masonry repair project. The work in the field was very well coordinated. Most important, the quality of the repairs was outstanding. All aspects of Otto Baum’s performance were exceptional. We want to especially recognize Dan Bagley, Shawn Wells, and Kevin Pestle for their roles as well as all of the tradesmen who were involved.”

“Please pass along our thanks to your team for a job well done. We hope to do more work with Otto Baum Company in the future. ” — Paul Shaughnessy, President of BSI Constructors

Janesville Building Repair

“The local District Manager at the Janesville facility contacted me directly to tell me how impressed they were with OBCI's work and professionalism. I told the local DM that is why I have used OBCI for 3 previous Building Repair/Tuckpointing Projects.” — Todd Ramsey, Aramark Uniform Services

St. Jude Catholic Church

“Job went very well. Was staffed up, production was good, Bill is very good to work with, he did a good job…” — Steve Rump, George H. Rump Construction Co.

National Sequestration Education Center NSEC

“Dave [Doty] always follows through with what he says is ‘their’ work and they get it done.” — David Holtfreter, Richland Community College


“Maintained good relationship and cooperation throughout project with owner and their needs.” — Doug Bentzinger, Phillips and Associates Architects, Inc.

Carrie Busey Elementry

“We recommend Otto Baum as a qualified and responsible company.” — Adrian Ledbetter, Grunloh Construction Inc.

Henry Admin

“Your team has always been very responsive to my requests.” — Thomas Doud, University of Illinois

Canton IL OMS, USARC, and POV/MEP Lot Projects

“Always great service. Makes projects successful for all when everyone shares a common goal.” — Mark Simpson, RB Construction

St. Bede Masonry Restoration

“It was a pleasure working with Otto Baum on this project. We absolutely look forward to working with you in the future. Thank you for providing St. Bede and D. J. Sickley with a great project.” — Dave Sickley, D.J. Sickley Construction Co., Inc.

Cook Canton

“Todd Johnson was an extremely professional and quality oriented individual. It was a pleasure to work with your company. Hope to have the experience again.” — Brad Boring, Weddle Bros. Construction Companies

Macomb Transit Facility

“This was a difficult, messy masonry remodel project and you had zero punch list items. Excellent job.” — Tim Lipp, Laverdiere Construction

Peoria Air National Guard Groundwater Remediation

“Very motivated and provided quality work.” — Jake Rotz, AECOM

Corporate South East Parking Deck Repairs and Masonry Repairs

“OBCI is currently State Farm's masonry contractor of choice and will be as long as the quality of work and the competitive pricing can be maintained.” — Tyler Thompson, State Farm

Chase Bank Renovations

“OBCI was a joy to work with as usual. They coordinated their tasks with the other subs in a professional manner.” — Tim, Driscoll

Fisher Jr-Sr High School Addition & Renovation

“Responsive and professional to work with. Foreman was also professional and did not request unnecessary extras.” — Ryan Holtz, The Skillman Corporation

Carrie Busey Elementary

“We recommend Otto Baum as a qualified and responsible company.” — Adrian Ledbetter, Grunloh Construction Inc.

Davis Hall

“The job done with emergency funding and needed to happen very quickly—and it was. The job was completed on time.” — Brad Strever, NIU

Satisfaction Survey

97.9% of respondents to recent customer surveys agree Otto Baum Company responded to bid requests and assigned an estimator in a timely manner.”

71.4%Strongly Agree