Otto Baum Company

OBCI Has a Proven Track Record

Performance is critical to project success. Owners, compelled by many factors, drive contractors to complete projects in shorter time frames. Builders require subcontractors with proven track records of performance. Otto Baum Company is up to the challenge.

Otto Baum maintains a solid reputation for completing our scopes in accordance with the owner and builder’s needs. Through our talented field leadership, union and supplier partnerships, owned and rented equipment, and a strong balance sheet, we work hard to deliver our services according to the job schedule.

Fully engaged employees help us succeed.

Because our employees are so critical to success, we invest heavily in education, training, leadership and appreciation. Otto Baum Company succeeds when our employees are fully engaged, equipped and motivated. By God’s grace, we will continue succeeding in the same manner for years to come.

Satisfaction Survey

87.2% of respondents to recent customer surveys would prefer Otto Baum Company on their next project.

57.4%Strongly Agree