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Otto Baum Company
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OBCI Masonry
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OBCI Masonry
OBCI Masonry
OBCI Masonry
OBCI Masonry
OBCI Masonry
OBCI Masonry

Masonry Services

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Masonry services we perform include:

  • Concrete block masonry
  • Brick masonry
  • Stone masonry & stone veneer
  • Thin adhered veneer
  • Fluid-applied air barrier
  • Related materials installation—flashing, insulation, sealants, etc.
  • Masonry restoration services (see Restoration)

“This was a difficult, messy masonry remodel project and you had zero punch list items. Excellent job.” — Tim Lipp, Laverdiere Construction

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Air Barrier Association of America
MCAA (Mason Contractors Association of America)
OBCI Masonry Dunlap IL
OBCI Masonry Chillicothe IL

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